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 If you're serious about making long-term changes, coaching can give you the guidance and support you need to make major shifts. 

SP Signature Coaching Program

Time to reboot and take control of your life!

The 3-month SP Signature Coaching Program is right for you if you're ready to:

  • Get unstuck & move forward with clarity and direction
  • Boost your confidence & feel secure about those big life decisions
  • Get super-duper clear about what you want 
  • Feel motivated, focused & inspired
  • Prioritize your passions
  • Shift your mindset about money, career, relationships, and (most importantly) yourself!

Program Includes:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 private coaching sessions
  • Circle of Life Assessment
  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Creation
  • Exercises & activities for your Empowerment Toolbox
  • Personal action steps from each session 
  • Unlimited email access

Imagine life on the other side...

Let me guess - you're the "go-to" girl in your circle. The strong one everyone comes to, leans on, and calls for good advice.

 You're responsible. Reliable. Accomplished. Smart. Level-headed. With a "straight-up-no-chaser" type of honesty. To sum it up - you have your "sh*t" together!

But deep down inside, you feel like something is missing

You're not happy. 

You know there's more to life than what you're experiencing right now.

As a matter of fact, you're standing at the corner of a major crossroads - feeling completely stuck and confused about which way to go next. 

You don't want to make the wrong move, but you KNOW deep down inside that it's time for a change

You're tired of going through the motions. 

You're over the status quo

You want more. 

If you're ready to get crystal clear about what you want, where you're going and how to get there - the SP Signature Coaching Program is the vehicle you need to get you on the right road to "happy."

Other Coaching Options


FREE Pulse Check Call

Book a free 25-minute clarity call. This is my "let's meet for coffee" convo where we'll check-in to see where you are and chat about what's blocking you.

Click HERE for Pulse Check call details.

  • Free 25-minute call  
  • Phone ​​​​​​Consult
  • **You'll complete a brief form at the time of scheduling to help prepare for the call and get your juices flowing about what's motivating you to take this step. **


Single Private Coaching Session

A single 50 minute 1-on-1 coaching session focused on a specific issue or topic. Ideal for clients who have completed a coaching program and want follow-up sessions to help with accountability.

  • One (1) 50-minute Zoom or Phone session


90-Minute Intensive

Want to "test the waters" of coaching? Still on the fence about committing to a coaching program?  We’ll unravel the blocks keeping you stuck.     

  • One (1) 90-minute intensive coaching session  
  • Zoom or Phone session
  • Laser focus on the problem
  • Get direction on immediate next steps
  • **You complete pre-work in preparation for the session for best results.**

Real Perspectives...


Michelle L. - Owner/Operator of Sweetsnsuch Atl Catering

Michelle L. - Owner/Operator of Sweetsnsuch Atl Catering

Michelle L. - Owner/Operator of Sweetsnsuch Atl Catering

"When I started my sessions with Sharona I was unable to communicate my feelings clearly because of fear of the repercussions that would occur if I stood up for me. I was unable to define or even recognize my boundaries. I had them, I just didn't know how to express the things that made me uncomfortable. Sharona helped me to understand my boundaries and that my feelings are a priority as well. It's okay to express my feelings and it's also okay to say 'let me think about it and get back to you' without saying yes to things that don't feel right. I feel like I have grown with Sharona's guidance. I feel like I am significant to me and I am hoping that translates to others. I am on the path to self worth thanks to Sharona." 


Jasmine R. - Registered Nurse

Michelle L. - Owner/Operator of Sweetsnsuch Atl Catering

Michelle L. - Owner/Operator of Sweetsnsuch Atl Catering

"Since working with Sharona, I have learned to believe in myself, step out on faith, and "get uncomfortable". The exercises and tools she has provided have allowed me to put my life and goals in perspective.  

Before starting the coaching sessions I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, and how a life coach could even help my life. Now, after working with Sharona, I am more sure and confident about the decisions I am making for my future. Sharona is an excellent life coach! She is positive, upbeat, patient, and full of amazing advice and perspective. She has been a blessing in my life."