My Story...


How I got here.

I was hesitant when my friend suggested I enroll in the Health Coach Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). 

To put it bluntly - I'm NOT the person people come to for food advice. I'm the girl who orders chicken & waffles and a bellini at Sunday brunch!

So you can imagine my confusion when she tells me about this bright idea to be a Health Coach.

But I was desperate for change in my life and thought "why not?" So I did it.

I signed up thinking - at minimum - it would be a boost for my personal growth.


The more I learned the more I became aware that a healthy lifestyle isn't just about what you eat. 

I see how all parts of your life - career, relationships, finances, spirituality, home environment - contribute to your happiness and well-being.  

So Yes! -- I'm devoted to avocados and I understand the benefits of whole foods and green smoothies. BUT it's not what drives me.


I want to empower women to take control of their lives, make positive life choices and be more confident, loving, and trusting within themselves to know they can create a life they think is impossible. 

My life before.

I could barely pull myself out of bed in the morning.  

I dreaded going to work. My job was unfulfilling and stale. 

I was still 25 lbs overweight from the pregnancy I lost a year before.

The foundation of my marriage was crumbling - l'm talking earthquake-like cracks.

My first thought in the morning was "Ugh...not another day...I just can't."

 I woke up sad, depressed and anxious. Every. Single. Day. 

I felt like I was stuck in a time-loop.  

I was lost!

Then one day something snapped. A voice inside of me said, "Enough is enough. It's time to get up and get your sh*t together!"

I was tired of a doom and gloom existence. I was on a mission to find my happiness. 

Change started the moment I made the decision to be happy and take a step.

The journey.

Being happy and living an empowered life is a JOURNEY - not a destination. 

I work daily to choose happy and make the best decisions for my life.

I'm clear about what I want and in-tune to what I need live my best life.

And you can be too!

You can create happiness and balance through consistent practices.  It's time to:

  • CHOOSE to make yourself a priority
  • Do things that make you feel GOOD
  • EMBRACE who you are
  • TRUST and LOVE yourself; and  
  • TREAT YOURSELF the way you want others to treat you.

You CAN create the space you need to take care of yourself on your journey. Let me help you take the steps you need to define your "happy" and live your best life! 

Random Facts about Me

* Throwback Jams Fanatic *

* Throwback Jams Fanatic *

* Throwback Jams Fanatic *

 "Poison" by BBD is one of my faves

* Hard-copy Book Reader *

* Throwback Jams Fanatic *

* Throwback Jams Fanatic *

I actually like turning the page with my fingers instead of swiping left or right

* Food Enthusiast *

* Throwback Jams Fanatic *

* Food Enthusiast *

Eating good food takes me to my happy place

* Wine Taster *

* Complete Sentence Texter *

* Food Enthusiast *

I love red blends but I'll indulge in a good Sauvignon Blanc on a hot day

* Background Dancer *

* Complete Sentence Texter *

* Complete Sentence Texter *

I tour with Beyoncé in my head...Zumba class is where I practice my moves

* Complete Sentence Texter *

* Complete Sentence Texter *

* Complete Sentence Texter *

Except the excessive use of LOL and an occasional emoji 

Professional Bio

Sharona Patrice Empowerment & Lifestyle Coach


Sharona Patrice is an Empowerment and Lifestyle Coach who helps women heal self-destructive behavior by teaching them how to build the self-love, trust, and confidence they need to live a life they think is impossible. Using nearly two decades of corporate consulting experience and her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she takes a holistic approach to helping highly-driven professional women find mental, emotional and spiritual balance.  Sharona's goal is to empower her clients to take small steps and make conscious choices that will have a huge impact on their daily lives. She conducts coaching sessions via Zoom and phone. 

Prior to coaching, Sharona received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant University. She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has consulted corporate clients  on various IT projects.