Hi! I'm Sharona

Hi! I'm Sharona

Hi! I'm SharonaHi! I'm SharonaHi! I'm Sharona

Empowerment & Lifestyle coach helping women go from stuck and resistant to free and confident in leading their lives!

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Over the status quo?

You're a motivated & accomplished professional woman. You check all the boxes on society's success checklist. But for some reason - you're not happy. Something's missing. You're stuck searching for your true passions - the things that make you feel alive!

You've found what makes you tick, but you're afraid to go after what you REALLY want because you don't believe you've got what it takes to get it.

If you're ready to STOP second-guessing and START trusting yourself enough to create a life you're excited to live...book your FREE Pulse Check call with me!

Is This You?

Are you stuck or confused about what to do or where your life is going?


You're in the same spot - not moving - and don't know how to get the momentum to move forward.

Do you constantly second-guess yourself and question if you're making the right decisions?


It's a bad case of analysis paralysis. You go back and forth in your mind about the big (and small) stuff.

Are you going through a major life change and can't find the confidence to move forward?


You moved across state lines. 

You quit the job you hate. 

Now what?

If you're nodding YES to any of these questions...

It's time to stop blindly hunting for the "missing" link.

Break the cycle of stuck-ness and trust yourself to create the life you want to live on your own terms.

Curious about coaching and how we can work together? 

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